"Our food is light and creative"
"Reworking local dishes as gourmet meals"

Le Belooga Brasserie
Restaurant in Villefranche-sur-Saône

A gourmet brasserie

Whether you are a young gourmet, any other sort of gastronome, or a vegetarian, the Belooga brasserie, created by Guy Lassausaie and orchestrated by Manuel Viron (the head chef), offers, 7/7, seasonal food built around local products, a light cuisine that has all the hallmarks of a gastronomic meal.

A wonderful moment dedicated to epicureans and lovers of fine wines selected by Guy Lassausaie and the Maître d'...

A meeting between fusion cooking and the know-how of a self-taught chef

Manuel Viron who oversees the Belooga restaurant, is responsible for a cuisine that is immediate and personal, a fusion of produce and his own experience acquired at La Côte Rôtie restaurant (for 20 years), at the Maison Borie and also from working with Pierre Gagnaire, Nicolas Lebec and Ferrand Adria. His cooking follows both changes in taste and the seasons and he easily mixes culinary cultures, herbs and spices with, as his high points, textures and sauces.

Above all, as he creates his menus, he searches for balance which puts the finishing touches to his creativity. He thinks it is important to discuss and research into products and he is nourished by partnerships which he develops with his suppliers. His cooking is marked by taste and texture, his knowledge and experience of produce means that every season, every week (through the daily menus), he can create menus that are light on the palate.


The first and newest menu, created in partnership with Guy Lassausaie is resolutely seasonal. To show what we mean, various coloured asparagus stalks are paired with creamed haddock, foie gras with Bresse pigeon, old fashioned tomatoes are seduced by mozzarella and white truffle oil, all created with infinite originality.

On the fish side, other than square-cut perch and caviar, there is seared cuttlefish strutting on a bed of linguini in ink while the Mediterranean bass is dressed with a saffron flavoured velvet crab jus accompanied by fennel, courgettes and amandine potatoes.

Meat takes a more classical turn with a lamb knuckle, sirloin steak, Dombes duckling, all garnished with sauces that have been worked on, refined and re-interpreted using the chef's culinary experience.

For the sweet course, the desserts are based on the classicals, creamy with fruit in season and visually splendid, a sweet sensation to finish with.